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We will some have some news

Fans Of Amy Winehouse will love what we will soon have for sale

New T-Shirts For Sale By Brian Cannon

The BritPop Store is an EBay Top-rated seller

ITV DayTime Show

Rob From BritPop Store has been asked to take part in a new ITV Show .

Store News

We will soon have a Concession in a well known Shop in the Chester area .

Oasis Book

Rob From BritPop Store is helping out on a new book about Oasis. More info to follow ..

Pawn Stars

Rob was asked back on set to help out with a very interesting Marc Bolan Poem ! Will be on BBC History and SKY TV next year.

TV Appearance For Rob From BritPop Store

Rob from BritPop Store has been asked to appear in a new TV series of  Pawn Stars and it will be about a very special Oasis Item we have ! Filming will begin Monday at 3.30pm . We will let you know when it will be on TV ..

Notice For Christmas Orders

If you are buying for Christmas please ensure you order as soon as you can to avoid any problems with postage at this busy time.